Hooked on generative art and creative coding with p5js. A graphic designer specialized in typography and interaction.

I am holding a Master's in Typography from the University of Barcelona (UB). During the master's degree in 2010, among other things, I developed an interest in the patterns that a letter must have to be recognized as such.

In this sense, I incorporated into my work programming to randomly combine strokes and shapes from essential elements of ancient calligraphic models with the aim of exploring the border area between the letter and the doodle. Far from obtaining simple meaningless scribbles, I came to obtain some semantic forms different from those proposed by the calligraphic model that serves as a reference.

Since then, I became more interested in creative coding as a means of artistic creation.

Below are some of the typefaces that I've designed over the past few years.


A variable sans-serif typeface

Polar is a sans-serif grotesk with characteristic ink traps and rounded vertexes. Polar is a variable font. It is versatile, modern, elegant and neutral. It can be displayed in a range from 200 to 900 in its weight axe to play many different roles.

The font has 5 predefined instances, Thin Display, Light, Regular, Bold and Heavy Display, in two styles, regular & italic, with 716 glyphs each of them. Polar has 25 OpenType features such as ligatures, fractions, stylistic alternates, localized forms, old-style figures, etc.

It can be suitable for long texts. It also works great as a perfect display font for all caps headings, especially with its thin and heavy weight variants. Polar covers Latin, Central European characters & supports 101 languages.

→ Check the special minisite dedicated to Polar.

You can purchase Polar at MyFonts.com


A grotesque and extremely condensed typeface

Dinosaur is a useful typeface for large and short texts. The glyphs of this font have a very special shape due to its extreme verticality.

The typeface family contains three weights, light, regular and bold, and their corresponding italic variants. With 448 glyphs, Dinosaur supports over 200 Latin-rooted languages.

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You can purchase Dinosaur at Youworkforthem.com

Goma mono

A monospaced display typeface

Goma Mono is a display monospaced rounded sans serif font built in ten styles.

This family, with five weights, covers a wide variety of character due to the large difference in thickness.

The typeface can be used in display sizes and logotypes. Goma Mono is released with 414 glyphs and includes Open Type features.

You can purchase Goma Mono at MyFonts.com