Hooked on generative art and creative coding with p5js. A graphic designer specialized in typography and interaction.

Coding has piqued my interest since I touched my first computer at the age of 14. At that time it seemed that I was doing magic by talking to a machine in a secret language through which I received unexpected answers.

Today, I use programming to create Twitter bots that tweet all sort of things autonomously.

I also practice creative coding to generate visual pieces that somehow move me inside. Many times I feel like an explorer making discoveries through accidental programming.

Below are some of my favorite bots and interactive nfts I have published.


Tiny coding

How to make generative art in less than 280 characters? Through the challenge created by @Hau_kun I push myself to the limit to generate visual and interactive pieces with the least amount of code possible.

These are my aportations to #つぶやきProcessing at Twitter

Generative art & creative coding

In the form of interactive NFT's

At Hic et Nunc (now Teia) I have published pieces of interactive generative art using the Non Fungible Token model. Each of these pieces are explorations and formal findings through processes that use randomness.

You can find my NFT's at Teia, Objkt and Fxhash.

The decisive machine

Yes or no?

This machine helps you make decisions. Throw a question in the air and press the button to get a positive (sí) or negative answer (no). The result is random, I think…

BotMaledu.cat (rude bot)

Random insults in Catalan

A bot programmed to randomly generate insults in Catalan. Bot Maleducat is an entertainment and an artistic experiment that takes advantage of the immense amount of terms that exist in the Catalan language to insult.

On Twitter, the bot publishes an insult in Catalan every 12 hours through more than 1,500 randomly combined meanings.

On botmaledu.cat, the minisite dedicated to the bot, you can generate an insult and send it via whatsapp, twitter or email to whoever you want.


A generator of random typographic faces

TypeFace_Bot tweets a typeface every 30 minutes. These faces, drawn with typographic signs, are random and are accompanied by the name of a person and an occupation.

By now there are more than 80,000 typefaces generated. It's really fun to watch people interact with the bot.

More bots on Twitter

A constellation generator, random color combinations, a dada tourist bot and more...

Gallaxy_bot: This bot tweeted every 30 minutes a random image of an as yet undiscovered constellation. This bot lost connection in November 2017.

Color_comb: A bot that tweets a random color combination image every 30 minutes.

Color_random: A bot that tweets, in the form of an image, a random color every 30 minutes providing its hexadecimal reference.

jmGarcia_bot: This bot retrieves, retransmits and remixes the wonderful expressions of a famous Spanish radio journalist.

Look!bot: A Dada experiment. A robot tourist surprised by how different people can be. This bot combines text and images in a very surreal way.